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Friday, 31 August 2012

How to promote your website via facebook

just go to this link and see it's not costly
very low just in $5 you can get about 180+million people into your site or blog or anywhere

Get 180+millions visitors to your site

Dwonload urdu to english and english to urdu dictonary

hello friends if you are an english speaker and want to improve your urdu or an urdu speaker and want to improve your english than just download the file which i am sharing with you.
the link of the file is

Download urdu to english and english to urdu dictonary

it is free for you


it may ask for password
if you don't trust you can download password 1st
please don't forgot to comment if you like it

Download latest bittorrent with direct link for free

Hello guys
these days the torrents are the best things which through you can download huge large files and those files will help you to do your tasks.
i am going to give you direct link of bittorrent which through you can download the latest versions of bittorrent.
free version is also available

Click here to download the Bittorrent for free

USB (removeable disk security) download for free

it is a big problem when someone put his usb with your laptop or pc and it contain any type of virus
very bad
your all files infected and your computer crashed 
now re install windows and install all of your important softwares again and lost about 1 day
but now
don't worry
i am sharing very awesome software with you
only it is a usb security
when someone put usb with your pc or laptop or any other system
it will automatically block the virus
just open usb without any worries
so just download from here

Buy youtube views $1/1000 very low price

our views providing service is not fake views
we do views maximum comes through social media and the other sites
we can deliver unlimited views in each day to your video
try to contact us at

skype = scientific_don

Saturday, 25 August 2012

download youtube views providing software free

hello friends now you can download the youtube views providing software free of cost
just go to the following link and download it
very simple and very fast
youtube views 0-300 less threads no images it's means that you can only get 300 views on a video in 1 day
but 300 is better than zero
so try it and get this software
free of cost
password for zip file is
just download open and put the password and you are the owner of the software
don't forgot to give any comments

Download now

Download Password

Friday, 24 August 2012

youtube views bot is available in $2000 working never expire

hello friends
i was trying since 1 year for getting youtube views bot
i got some bots which work and than stopped working after few days or month.
and i always says fuck.
than i used my mind and i combined about 4 to 8 softwares together and than i got a really amazing method of youtube views.
no body can judge that it is a bot even analytics will show it like real not from mobile device or any other same thing.
the very amazing thing in this method is that you can get views from any specific country too.
and the more amazing thing is that if someone ask you that he want views from clicking on a specific link for example he have a website and he have a link on his website and he want all views come to his video by clicking on this link than it's possible with my method.
but you've to learn some basic programming which i'll teach you it's not difficult.
what you should have for this.
1 = the computer as much faster as you can get.(computer speed is good than method work faster because many software need to run same time)
2 = internet speed ( if your internet speed is fast than the views will come more faster than slow speed)
3 = the softwares which i tell you for this
4 = some basic programming ( not difficult)
5 = payment method for this is only westren union.
6 = i can give you test for this but if you want to buy views from me than i'll get $1/500 views because these are high quality views and if from a specific link than $1/100 views

important thing
you can get 10,000+ views/day with this method for 1 video
s k y pe = scientific_don
email =

Friday, 10 August 2012

buy youtube views at low price

you can buy youtube views at very low price just in $1.5/1000 views
unlimited and delivery fast
skype =  scientific_don
gmail =

Sunday, 5 August 2012

download latest softwares

the website is going to give you latest softwares for free
no need to pay and nothing more
just come and get

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